7 Communications Technologies to Watch in 2015

Internet of Things

SOURCE: www.eetimes.com

--2/11/2015 00:07 AM EST

--Olga Shapiro, Program Manager, Frost & Sullivan Test & Measurement Practice.

LTE & LTE-A, VoLTE & HetNets, 802.11ac, NFV, IoT, and 5G will all make significant forward strides in 2015, from development to deployment.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is expected to make everything faster and more efficient. That is, from the automated testing of consumer devices to the designing, prototyping, deployment, and monitoring of industrial systems, to development of next-generation wireless communications.

As IoT engineering advances, the technology will drastically change how things communicate and the advance will significantly impact both the consumer and manufacturer. For consumers, there will be more wearable, smarter, and faster phones. Manufacturers will see more intelligent factories and energy grids. Smarter machinery control will symbolize the next crucial transition. According to National Instruments, an efficient testing system capable of integrating data with different formats is critical. Without such systems, testing costs will remain almost as high as equipment manufacturing costs.

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