Austin manufacturing Services

Executive Management Team

Brad Scoggins
CEO & President
Iain Hurn
Executive Vice President & GM
Joe Morgan
Robert Wallace

"Reliability Manufactured"

Austin Manufacturing Services (AMS) is a well capitalized electronics manufacturing firm, staffed with exceptional talent and a strong industry reputation earned through almost 20 years of successful operations.

With clients spanning North America and abroad, AMS specializes in a wide range of advanced printed circuit board and full turn-key electronics assembly, including electro-mechanical services and complete product final build and testing. The company's focus is on advanced high-mix, low to medium volume production requiring protective IP and high touch engineering, management and planning support.

Plant facilities and corporate operations are strategically located in Austin, TX., with a broad depth of experience, expertise and knowledge under roof that allows AMS the flexibility and confidence to accommodate even the most unique and demanding EMS partnership opportunities.

Brief History

Started as an outsourced manufacturing partner of a major DRAM module manufacturer in 1994, AMS has since grown from a single Tier 1 customer, to today, providing broad-based solutions to a large number of market leading clients worldwide.

AMS currently manufactures hundreds of different types of printed circuit board, electro-mechanical and final product assemblies for a wide variety of sectors and technologies.

For the past several years, AMS has ranked as one of the fastest growing and largest privately held companies in the rapidly expanding Austin and Central Texas region.