Firefly LED on Jimmy Fallon Show

Austin, Texas - March 2012 – Firefly LED Light, one of the pioneer brands in LED lights for homes, was featured on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon´on its February 16, 2012 episode. Former MSNBC host and best-selling author Dylan Ratigan talked about this new innovation originating from Austin, Texas.

During the course of the show, Ratigan pulled out an odd-looking item, which Ratigan described as "looking like a blender blade or something." It is the Firefly LED light – a light bulb with higher LED light output that is a better and more efficient alternative to standard incandescent light. The metal wing that surrounds the bulb is a unique design that uses heat dissipation technology to keep bulbs cool and extend its shelf life. A normal incandescent light will last 1000 to 2500 hours, which translates to about two years. Firefly LED Light can last up to 30 years because heat is dissipated from the core of the bulb, which is one of the major reasons why a regular bulb burns itself out.

When LED lights get hot, they tend to reduce efficiency and reliability. With Firefly’s patent-pending heat-sink technology, the heat is moved away from the bulb. This will result in 32 percent temperature reduction, 48 percent increase in thermal conductivity, and endows 223 percent more surface area. These statistics simply mean more light and brightness per wattage, durability and longer life span.

Firefly LEDs are dimmable and designed to fit most common light fixtures. Businesses can also take advantage of the design, technology and energy efficiency Firefly LED lights have to offer. Firefly provides optimum customer support for any customization requests.

The team behind Firefly aims to offer innovative products in the market without harming the environment. Using LED lights reduces carbon imprint. A single household using Firefly lights can save two tons of green house gas emissions within a year. They are fully recyclable, reusable and mercury-free.

Firefly LED lights last longer and cut down household electricity bills. The lights reduce energy consumption by as much as 90 percent.

They also lessen maintenance cost. That is savings of about $500 for a family of four in just a span of a year.

About Firefly LED Lighting

Firefly LED Lighting is one of the innovators in the sustainable light energy industry. Founded by Steve Barcik in Austin, Texas, the company geared to make Smart LED lights consumer-friendly by designing and creating LED lights for residential applications such as in the kitchen, lamps and cabinets. It is also proven to be highly cost-effective when used commercially in restaurants, hotels and other business structures. The patent technologies behind each bulb create a product with a brighter output and better energy efficiency. Firefly has developed 28 Patent applications and continues to be a revenue generating company. It is the company’s goal to continually discover innovative ways for consumers to save energy and money, lessen carbon footprint and uplift the quality of every LED light bulb. For more information and updates, follow Firefly on Twitter or like them on Facebook.