The AMS mission is to deliver world-class quality and reliability to clients who expect on-time and on-budget results supported by the highest level of service.

SRI ISO quality

Broad Range of Assembly Solutions

Turn-key Manufacturing SolutionsThe core of our manufacturing capability is the ability to produce complete products and complete product categories, taking responsibility for the entire "box build" process. These solutions typically focus on complex, high I.P. Managed products, with high degrees of configuration and system integration.

With PCB assembly forming a main part of the turn-key manufacturing process, AMS' offers considerable expertise and experience in complex, multi-technology, multi-configuration PCB assemblies, from initial production of very low volume rapid prototype products, through to the ongoing manufacturing and product life cycle sustainablility.

Global Sourcing

In addition, an extensive vendor base and robust supply chain management platform enables AMS to globally source a wide variety of materials and services daily. This extends to offshore sourcing capabilities, giving customers a choice of procurement options tailored to their unique AVLs, individual cost and quality requirements.

Rapid Response, Predictable Control

The AMS systems are such that managing high variant, application specific product is easily controlled and ensures that we are able to respond quickly to rapidly changing customer demands. Stock buffering and finished product management can be implemented to ensure product flow is maintained and controlled. Expanded warehousing and logistics enable AMS to offer a just in time approach to almost all product deliveries.

Multiple Points of Assurability

Another key component to the AMS service proposition is providing clients multiple points of contact throughout. Knowledgeable Field Representatives, working with in-house AMS professionals, manage daily business with all new and ongoing clients with the goal of delivering timely answers geared to expediting solutions and solving potential issues before they occur.


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